Summary Level Reporting for R2T4 Due Sept. 30

Summary level reporting for Return to Title IV funds not returned because of CARES Act relief must be posted no later than September 30, 2021. The reporting page on the COD website is available now.

Information should be reported by program type (i.e., Pell, subsidized DL, unsubsidized DL, etc.) and award year. The information reported is a total for each of these and is not posted for each individual student. Please be sure to maintain detailed tracking information to support the reported totals, which may be needed in the future for audit purposes.

The department announced on April 28 that summary level reporting for R2T4 was available on the COD website. This allows colleges that do not use the Return to Title IV calculator in COD to report Title IV funds not returned because of COVID waivers in the CARES Act.

To access the April 28 announcement on functionality, please click here.