Special Thanks to All Financial Aid Staff

Do you know what day it is? No, it’s not your Birthday or it could be!

It’s October 17th which is a very special day because the third Wednesday of every October, since 2014, has been designated National Financial Aid Day.

fountain pen next to red Thank You journal
Photo by Aaron Burden / Unsplash

This day has been set aside to celebrate and acknowledge your commitment and contribution to the financial aid process. Really……it is a nationally recognized day! On behalf of Global Financial Aid Services, we applaud and thank you for all you do every day to ensure students are working toward their dreams and successes.

The contribution you make each day is not always recognized or appreciated by your peers, administrators, students or parents. However, you should take a moment to look back at the lives you have changed this year just by applying your skill and knowledge in advising students and parents through the processing of federal student, state, and institutional aid. It has been an extremely busy calendar year and collectively we have processed-

  • ISIR’s totaling - 574,335*

  • Student Files created - 279,352*

These are the actual numbers processed in the Global systems – you have all been very busy.

All of these students were one way or another affected by you and the college’s team. This is an accomplishment for your students and your college.
We all have our own “war stories in the financial aid office” but today we celebrate the success that only comes from putting our students’ needs above our own