R2T4 Modules: Examining Mind-Bending Scenarios

Several factors will determine the 49 percent exemption for R2T4 and the R2T4 denominator, such as when modules take place.

Return to Title IV and the 49 percent exemption.
Photo by Unsplash

By Rick Cox

  • When determining the 49 percent exemption, financial aid administrators would only exclude breaks of five consecutive days or more and days between modules where no coursework is taking place. This is more of a concern for colleges with modules that overlap each other.
  • For the 49 percent exemption purpose, modules that start before or end after the standard term date will not change the denominator.
  • When determining which modules are counted for the denominator for Return to Title IV, remember that FSEOG will result in the same process as students with loans. When Pell is the only Title IV aid, it is only the modules the student attended, if there is no freeze date.

Rick Cox is Global’s Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance