NSLDS News from the FSA Training Conference

New website available in spring, plus more NSLDS updates

By Rick Cox

The Department of Education plans to introduce the new NSLDS website in spring 2022. The existing URL and login credentials will still be valid and will be used for accessing the National Student Loan Data System. When the new website is introduced, the system that contains all federal student loan information will have a new look and new functionality for financial aid professionals.

In April 2020, the department suspended late roster notification letters. These were turned back on in September 2021. Colleges and universities will receive these if the institution does not respond to the roster within 15 days.

The department also suspended the 90% compliance threshold for student certification with program enrollment information. This also resumed in spring 2021. However, notifications are not currently being sent to institutions.

A reminder: Institutions can request an ad hoc roster outside of their normal roster schedule.

If you feel the desire to write a book, what would it be about?

If an institution has a third-party servicer that completes its enrollment reporting requirements to NSLDS, the department now allows the third-party servicer to request the rosters directly from NSLDS instead of having the institution request it. However, the school must take steps to set this up.

Institutions will be able to view CDR information (official and draft) for up to six years.

Transfer Student Monitoring – NSLDS will now allow you to review previously monitored students. These are students who were added to TSM but are no longer being monitored. Colleges haven’t been able to see who was previously on TSM, but now will be able to.

Annual Reminders –

· NSLDS data is confidential and must be protected.

· A college’s Personal Data Protection Act must actively confirm SAIG mailboxes for all users. This year’s deadline is Dec. 9, 2021.

Rick Cox is Global’s Executive Director of Regulatory Affairs and Compliance.