Gift Finding- It’s a Journey into the Unknown

It is challenging and stressful work especially if you are a last minute shopper!

It is crunch time and you are hard pressed on finding the ultimate holiday gift for a college student or that someone who is difficult to buy for. It seems that giving a gift is not the issue; it is finding the perfect one. On that note, I was inspired to compile a list of cool stuff that will delight even the most jaded person. Here we go:

• Programmable Alarm Clock- A smart clock can be programmed ahead of time to match a class or work schedule;
• Smart Notebook-This notebook combines old fashioned pen and paper with technology, great to take notes in lectures or meetings;
• Ostrich Pillow- Ideal for taking a quick nap anywhere;
• Under the Bed Safe-This safe is a space saver since it will fit under the bed and protects valuables;
• Indestructible External Hard Drive- Built like a tank and will work after being stuffed in the bottom of a backpack or work bag;
• Portable Ping Pong- Great for face-to-face time and strengthens hand-eye coordination; and
• Solar Power Backpack- Keeps all of your mobile devices charged (no more excuse as to why they could not answer your call or text you back).

All of these gifts can be found online. Happy Holidays!

brown gift box
Photo by / Unsplash