Financial Aid Dates to Know in 2021

A resource for March-August

As the financial aid community begins a new year, Global has highlighted dates of note to include on financial aid calendars. LinkedIn---Blog-3.1.2021-FA-Calendar-Art-shutterstock_39061609-2Below are important dates coming up in March through August to include on calendars for 2021.

FSA Partner Connect launches in March 2021

3/2 Time begins for challenges to Draft Cohort Default Rate for all institutions. Appeals can be made on the eCDR Appeals website.

3/2 Institutional Application and Agreement for Participation in the Work Colleges Program due for the
2021–2022 award year

3/31 HEERF Fund usage ends

Various IPEDS reporting due in April

4/1 Final federal Campus-based Funding Level Authorizations posted to eCB website

4/10 HEERF institutional reporting due

4/19 Request due for a waiver of the FWS Community Service Expenditure Requirement for the 2021–2022 award year

New FDSL interest rates become available for upcoming award year

6/30 Last day for students to submit the 2020-2021 FAFSA

7/1 2021-2022 New Award Year begins

7/30 Final closeout for FDSL for 2019-2020

8/16 The Campus-Based Reallocation Form designated for the return of 2020-2021 funds and the request for supplemental FWS funds for the 2021-2021 award year due

Dates and information may change.